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Notice of Injury

An accident which results in injury where the person is unable to perform his usual work or requires medical attention shall be reported to the Chief Inspector using the prescribed form within four (4) days of the occurrence.


“Critical injury” means an injury that —

  • Places life in jeopardy.
  • Produces unconsciousness
  • Results in substantial loss of blood.
  • Involves the fracture of a leg or arm, but not a finger or toe.
  • Involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot, but not a finger or toe.
  • Consists of burns to a major portion of the body.
  • Causes the loss of sight in an eye.

"Industrial establishment" means a factory, shop, office, place of work or other premises but does not include —

  • Premises occupied for residential purposes only.
  • Other categories of establishment exempted by the Minister in accordance with this Act.

“Occupier” means the person who has the ultimate control over the affairs of an industrial establishment.

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