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The Occupier
An Occupier must ensure the following:
Young Persons
  • A register of Young Persons is maintained that includes the names, dates of employment, particulars as to the certificate of fitness and the nature of work that the young person is required to undertake.
  • That young persons do not operate dangerous machinery unless provided with adequate training and supervision.

Confined Space

  • A confined space is entered only where there is easy exit from all accessible parts in that confined space; all mechanical equipment is disconnected from its power source and locked out; all pipes and other supply lines likely to create a hazard are blanked off; and the confined space is tested and evaluated by a competent person.
  • In any confined space in which there exists, or is likely to exist a hazardous gas, vapour, dust or fume, or an oxygen content less than eighteen percent (18%) or more than twenty-three percent (23%), arrangements are made to ensure that another worker with appropriate rescue equipment is stationed outside the confined space. Suitable arrangements must also be made to remove the worker from the confined space in an emergency. Such a confined space must be purged and ventilated and in the event that this is not possible, then suitable breathing apparatus must be used by the employee entering the confined space.
Safeguarding of Machinery
  • All transmission machinery is securely fenced.
  • Other dangerous parts of machines are securely fenced or provided with a device that automatically protects the operator from coming into contact with that part.
Removal of dust and fumes
  • Where dust or fumes are produced, measures are taken to protect employees from inhalation.
  • Where possible exhaust appliances must be provided as close to the point of origin of the dust or fume as possible.
  • Adequate ventilation by fresh air in industrial establishments (workplaces) not ventilated by a functioning Air-Conditioning system.
Emergency Response
  • The setting up an Emergency Plan in writing based on the risk assessment that was done.
  • Adequate first-aid facilities are provided.


  • The certification of establishment (workplace) by the Fire Authority as prescribed in Section 26(2) of the Act.
  • The industrial establishment is maintained in a clean state.
  • The provision of lighting that is suitable and sufficient in areas where employees are working or passing.
  • Provision and maintenance of a working environment that is adequate as regards to welfare amenities.
  • The industrial establishment is not overcrowded as to cause risk of injury to employees.
  • Employees at factories have 11½ cubic metres of space per person in accordance with Section 35(2) of the OSH Act.
Construction and Maintenance of Fencing
  • All fencing or other safeguards on moving or other dangerous parts of machinery are constructed safely and maintained when machinery is in motion.

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