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Both the employer and the occupier must ensure the following:

Both the Employer and the Occupier must ensure the following

Policy Statement

  • If there are twenty-five or more employees, prepare a safety and health policy statement, specifying the organisation and arrangements for carrying out that policy.
  • The organisation shows the safety and health responsibilities of individuals or groups of individuals within the establishment.
  • The arrangements will specify what the employer needs to do to give effect to the commitment made in the policy statement.

Noise and Vibration

  • Adequate steps are taken to prevent hearing impairment caused by noise, and diseases caused by vibration, from occurring to persons in, or in the vicinity of his establishment.

Notification of Accidents

  • If an accident occurs that causes death or critical injury in the course of employment in an industrial establishment (workplace) that the Chief Inspector is immediately informed.
  • Where an accident occurs that makes an employee unable to perform his normal function or causes the employee to receive medical attention the accident must be reported to the Chief Inspector within four days.
Preservation of Accident Scene
  • There are arrangements to preserve an accident site where an accident caused critical injury or death.
  • Every register or record must be kept for at least five years, and be available for inspection. In the case of a health record, the medical records must be kept for at least twenty-five years.
  • Under the OSH Act there are Safety and Health Offences and Summary Offences. For Safety and Health Offences the Industrial Court can impose fines up to twenty-thousand dollars, or in the event of critical injury, occupational disease, or death, one hundred thousand dollars or of an amount equivalent to three years pay of that person, whichever is greater.
  • For Summary Offences for which no penalty is expressly provided, the Magistrate Court may impose a fine of twenty-thousand dollars and imprisonment for one year. If the offence for which a person was convicted is continued after the conviction then there is a fine of ten thousand dollars for each day on which the offence continues.

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